My cousin has bench warrant in US in 2009, can he apply for H1B visa now from India?

My Cousin got arrested in US on a misbehaviour & abuse case. He left US before the trial which was in 2009. Now he wants to apply for H1B visa … will he get it with past arrest?

He was arrested which was a trap. He was on L1B intra company transfer visa from India that time. He left before trial to avoid deportation. Trial happened without his appearance and hearing was a bench arrest warrant. Now if he applies for H1B visa from India… does his past arrest be checked?

If does, do they just reject the visa or take any action like notifying the employer who sponsor H1B about reason for the rejection.

He could have handled it better but thats past.

Pls help with the honest advise.

Yes, his arrest record will be checked. First step will be to honestly answer this question on DS-160. Maybe the bench warrant was issued not because of his actions but because of his non-appearance in court. It all depends on what the original charges were and if it involves crimes of ‘moral turpitude’ such as sexual misconduct or drug trafficking.

Best wishes

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