My application is still in Initial review in WAC

My receipt number is WAC12140*****. Still in intial review. Mine was reached on April 12th. I am seeing the application which reached USCIS before april 9th and after april 26th processing compelted. Any one please tell me why april 9th to april 26th processing is not happening for WAC..... Any reason for this? On what basis USCIS process the applications?

Sreelatha, how do you say there is no processing happened during this period. Can you elaborate you question so that I can provide you the information which you are looking for.

USCIS process varies from application to application so we cannot findou how each application is processed.

Thanks Vivek

most of my friends and colleagues who didn’t fall in this range got the approvals and also i did some random verification for few receipt numbers around my receipt number and observed the same. That is the reason i came to conclusion that the processing is not happening for this period. This may or may not correct.

Even my case is in IR, do you know where to approach.

Every case is different and you cannot compare your case with others. USCIS will work with other departments, if any clarifications required. So, the processing time can vary. In fact, it could be frustrating, but need to wait my friend !

mine case (WAC1314051…) too in IR from April 8th onwards. Please let me know if we can raise status query to USCIS by any chance except for waiting.