My Appearance is different


I have a tricky issue for me. I need your valuable sugessions. I had bold head earlier and my passport also having the bold head photo. Now I am wearing a kind of wig so that my appearance is totally different than earlier and bold head is covering with hair. Right now I have scheduled my visa interview. My question is Can I go to interview with my new look.The wig can not be removed and can not show my appearance at the point of interview. So Is it create any issue if I am having passport photo with bold head and my current appearance is different? Please provide your valuable advises.


Well, does the photo in passport look significantly different ? Can someone looking at your passport photo and your current appearance ? If it is same and someone can look at your passport and you currently and say it is the same person, it must be fine. I am sure you uploaded your current photo when filling out DS-160 form. Look at the Photo Requirements ( last question), it tells should be fine. You may call the US Embassy or the UStraveldocs hotline to get clarification, if any…

Hi Kumar,

Appreciating your quick response. Any person can identify if does a clear observation of my passport and my current appearance.