My 221 g experience

Hi All if any body had same situation please guide and comment.

I had a Drop box appointment on July 13 2022 and after submitting the documentation I was notified on July 20 I got 221g. After receiving 221G they have mentioned that I need to appear for a Visa interview. I went for a visa interview 28th July, During the interview the visa officer asked me to send additional documents which are LCA and Copy of appointment letter. I emailed the documents on the same date and I am still waiting for the visa process to be completed.

This is very common situation and you shouldn’t worry at this time as you have provided the documents that were requested by the VO. I think your visa should be approved if no issues with all the information you have provided, you just need to wait patiently. It may take 2 to 6 weeks to get it approved.

Thanks Kalpesh for the response.

Hi Rohit,
Did you receive approval and when?

Not yet still waiting.

They gave back your passport on the day of your interview?

Yes they returned the passport. Whats your case?