Multiple petition got slected in loterry from 2 different Employeers

Got 2 receipt numbers in the lottery from 2 different employeers.

Do I face any issues while going for stamping? Is there any process to surrender one petition selected in lotery ?

And I would like to surrender one Petition, so that others will get benefiteed.

Plz help its urgent…

Thanks in Advance.


Are you a dumb when you say which to choose? I wonder why talented people lose on opportunity due to fools like you. Also I don’t think that it is possible to apply via two different employers. Stop wasting people’s time you jerk.

No Issues filling and getting multiple petitions from different employer. Choose which employer is best for you and go ahead with the stamping. No one can challenge why u applied from 2 employers. Whichever petition u choose for stamping that becomes ur employer. Other petition goes wasted. Its upto employer to withdraw that petition. Ideally he should to keep his count low but its upto him.

Your both the Petition should be surrender.