Multiple H4 EAD filing

Hi Here is my situation: Currently on 7th year of H1B with approved I140. Filled first H4EAD application 3 weeks ago and got receipt of application. Now I got new offer from another employer and they want to file premium H1 and H4 transfer premium processing. Considering H4EAD application will be faseter with H1 and H4 premium transfer, Here are my question : 1. Can we file multiple H4EAD application concurrently? Anyone has any experience? 2. I Prefer to withdraw first application, once second application is received. 2a. Should I wait till second application is received before I withdraw first one? or 2b. Should I file withdrawal first and after few days file premium transfer with H4EAD? or 2c. Should I file withdrawal & second H4EAD with premium processing around same time? Any of 2a, 2b or 2c will have higher chances of getting RFE or denial ? Thanks in advance for your response.