Multiple H1B pettions will acceted in 2015?


Currently i am in India. This year I got 2 offers from different employers. Both the employers are ready to file my H1B to this fiscal year 2015. I have few questions on this ?

1Q) Are 2 petitions accepted by USCIS ?

2Q) If 2 petitions are accepted by USCIS ? what are the scenarios? I means

a) If both are picked how to proceed? means i have the option to select my preferred one?

b)only one is picked then can I proceed with the picked one ?

c) If both are not picked is that will impacted in next fiscal year ?

3Q) Is that legal different employers are submitting the petitions for same guy?

Please guide me in right way. Thanks in advance.

  1. Yes

2.a. Yes, during your process of stamping you need to decide which employer/petition you need.

b. You can stamp only for that petition.

c. It will not impact any future H1B applications

  1. It is legal otherwise USCIS will not even accept your petitions.But you can work only for one employer.

Thanks for your clarification…