Multiple h1b petitions of different companies got picked in lottery, which approach to follow ?

I have H1b visa which got approved this year from company A, currently working in and am waiting for the visa stamping date. The other company B’s who filed H1b for me was also picked but due to their incorrect company details given by them while filing, they resent new details and currently the case status is still showing receipt notice was changed with no further updates since June 2. Can I request company B to withdraw the petition quoting ‘company A case was approved’? Also, if they withdraw/dont withdraw would there be any possibility during the visa interview if the consulate will know about my multiple petitions and reject even If I say ill go with company A ?

Multiple petitions is ok in your case as long as A and B are not related to each other.

Even if you tell B about A’s approval it is up to B whether to withdraw it or not. The fact that both A and B get approved, or A gets approved but B is denied/withdrawn, will not impact the outcome of your stamping through A.