Multiple H1B petitions for year 2015

I applied two H1B from different employers with different locations with COS. Got approval for employer A and got the job offer and going to start the new job from 1st October. Second once(Employer B) got RFE and revised documents are submitted om 11th September.

Question: If seconds one is approves my status will over rights latest approved petition, Can I still work with first Employer, If I want to continue with my first employer. What I need to do?

In this movement I can’t cancel second one. Which may impact my first approved petition.

What is the best option without impact my Current status.

can you explain why canceling second one will impact first one?

as far as i know, uscis will never approve your second petition. so you dont have to worry

As far i knew, you can cancel the second one which definitely not going to affect your approved petition.

Chances of approving second petition is tough to answer