Multiple H1B, is it must to do jobs and get paid on all H1Bs at the same time

I have 2 H1B from 2 different Employers. I am working on H1B of Employer A and get paid by him. Is it must to do work on H1B of Employer B and get paid from him too? As in the case of H1B it is must to get paid on time and on a regular basis. In my case, I am not doing any job for Employer B that is why he is not paying me anything. Could you please tell is it must to work on all your H1Bs (suppose 3 H1B from 3 different Employers) and get paid from all 3 of them, practically it is hard to do 3 full-time jobs at the same time, but still for example?

No need to be employed by both, unless you are employed as concurrent or part time H1B for first one. You do not need to work for all the H1B employers. As long as you are working full time for one of the H1B holders, and you get paid and maintain status, you are fine.
Your other employers would very likely withdraw the petition, if you are not longer working for them, thats the practice.

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  1. If he won’t withdraw, then what should I have to do, do I have to do a job for Employer B (to keep that H1B alive) too?
  2. Is it possible that I do a job for Employer A and search C2C job through Employer B and once I get a job on H1B of Employer B, then I will quit the job of Employer A?
  1. You do not have to do anything. It is compliance for them.
  2. You may try doing all of that, but you are not required to do it…You are counted towards cap, so in future, you can go anywhere for H1B transfer, no need to go to Employer B in specific.

Thanks a lot! Kumar. :blush:

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