Multiple H1_Visa (new and old)

Hi All,

I had an H1-Visa approved (2013) and expired back in Sep-2016, at the same time I got stamped for an F-1 visa for my masters. Currently, I am working on OPT and my employer had filed for the new petition of H1-B visa for FY 2020, picked in lottery and approved.


  1. I am looking to change my employer before October is it advisable?
  2. If my new H1-B visa gets rejected during transfer can I use my old H1-B and work on it?
  3. If I can work on Old H1-B visa what is the procedure for that?
  4. I have also applied for STEM OPT and it’s in process currently do I have to file an application for withdrawal?
  1. Well, it is not recommended.
  2. You maybe eligible for cap exempt, if you had H1B approved and Stamped, meaning you were issued H1B status.
  3. Again, your employer new or old, need to apply for H1B transfer/ extension and then based on that you can work in US.
  4. In general, no need, if you have filed H1B as Change of Status. Because, you automatically move into H1B status on October 1st. I suggest you check with DSO, if you need to do anything…