Multiple H1 Stampings with multiple Petetions


How are you doing!
I’m in a very complicated situation.

I’ve come to USA couple of months back with visa based on Petition_A from Company_A. Now, my H1 is being transferred(Lets say Petition_B) to Company_B (Petition already filed and received receipt).
But unfortunately, I had lost my Passport and other certificates in a theft that hapenned last week. So, now I’ve applied for a new Passport. Next time I go to India, I’ve to go for stamping again.

My question is this
My Petition_A with Company_A is valid till Oct, 2016
Lets say the Petition_B filed by Company_B comes till Oct 2017(3 Yrs)

Now, While going for stamping, I’ll attend the interview with Petition_B, and lets say - in worst case, it gets rejected (as the complications are very high - lost and new passport, no original degree certificates(It takes very long to get duplicate educational certificates) - Only I have police complaint)

Then, can I go for stamping again using Petition_A as it is still valid till Oct, 2016? (Both Company_A & Company_B are of the same guy, for some reasons they’ve transferred - I’ll still have support from Company_A. And one more thing to mention, Petetion_A says inhouse prj, but I’m actually consulting, they had filed new LCA as well)
Can I have the Petition_A transferred to a new employer (As I’ve got few offers) and go for stamping based on that?

In short, if Petition_B is rejected, can I go for stamping with Petition_A again? Or get the Petition_A transferred?

Appreciate your response!