Multiple fresh H1B filing for year 2014


   I am currently on H4 visa and i have offers from 2 companies who are willing to file my H1 for current year starting on April 1st 2013.

I am not sure whether should i go ahead and file from both companies. Will that create a problem for my approval . Or its better if I file from any one company .

is there chances of rejections . Please guide

Legally, you can have H-1 filed through 2 different employers. If both get approved, you will have to join either of them and say no to the other. It may be unprofessional to say yes to both and have them spend money on you, when you know that you will not join at least one of them.

Thanks Saurabh for replying to my question.
But i just had 1 doubt since this year its expected to be lottery system so having multiple applications filed wont it create problem for me ? Is there chances of both my applications getting rejected.
Please let me know so that i can take my call accordingly.
Thanks !!

Both can rejected mutually exclusively. So its possible 10 petitions are filed and all 10 are denied/approved, and only 1 is filed and gets approved.