Mtr new receipt number time

Hi All

This is Kumar. I have reopend case by filing for mtr after H1B denied. Its been almost 5 weeks i have reopened case still i did not get new receipt number and old receipt number shows similar thing that my petition got denied. Can any one tell me how many days will it take to get new receipt number?


There is no stipulated time and it is a case by case basis. You may have to wait patiently.

Hello Kumar,

I am in same boat, my employer raised MTR on 15 feb -18 till now my old receipt show as denied. my employer saying not received new receipt number.What I heard from blogs is that we will get new receipt number within 5 days of filling. But my employer is saying USCIS taking more time for sending receipt number also, I am not sure to believe them or not.

Did you got new receipt number now ? what is the status it is showing with new number?

you can check status here : both old and new number. Hope for the best.

Keep me posted about the status.


Hi Kumar and harish,

I am in same situation, My employer filed MTR on Jan 26th and he gave me new receipt number and he also sentcopy of receipt . its been 59 days and there is no change in status.


Hi Manideep,

it seems it will take 90 days depends on case.
I think ,
if it is motion to reconsider it may take less time,
motion to reopen may take more time as they have to verify new documents,
appeal may take 180 days as it will go to AAO office.

But I am not sure how this will work , i just got this information from other blogs.

in my case it is motion to reconsider. what about yours?

Today I got new receipt number but it does not shows my name and old receipt number.

I got denial notice on 25th-jan-18 from that time 30 days’ time is 24th -feb-18.
But my attorney submitted on 15th -feb-18 before deadline.
But my receipt date shows 2nd-mar-18. I am not sure why there is miss match, what I heard from attorney is USCIS is delaying sending receipt numbers.
now my concern : is this notice is mine ore not :).

can you provide more details about your case?


Hi all

Still status is showing as case was received. Its been 135 days i have reopened case. Let me know if you get any update.


ohh, I think you can raise a request as it is crossed 90 days, you can call them and raise request.
mine is Callifornia service cener, wat about you? it seems it is depends aon the service center also.

Did any one received any update. It will be almost 6months i have reopened case still its showing as case was received.

Hello Kumar,

did you got any udpate … ?

Mine shows “We received your case”


Hello Mandeep,

did you got any response…?

Hello Kumar,
Did you got any update on your MTR … ?

Hello Kumar,
Did you got any update on your MTR … ?

Hello Kumar & Mandeep,
Did you got any update on your MTR … ?