MS is US after 5 yrs of experience?


I have 5 years of experience in software development.

I want to pursue MS in US.IS it worth doing? Basically i wanted to improve my technical knowledge and get better understanding. Will it help me by doing MS?

Also i have an infant to look after with help from my mother in law. How difficult will the course be?

I don’t hesitate to work hard.So will i be able to do the course with a baby in hand?

Well, it can, but it all depends on the program you plan to pursue and the University. It can be managed quite well, that is not an issue. The issues are with the work visa after your education. If that is not an issue for you to go back, if things do not work out after MS, then I would do it any day. The education experience for MS is great, if you pick good schools and experience the full time student life…One catch is also the affordability too…Think about all these. Read Study in US with H1B Lottery


Like Kumar said below. It depends on a lot of factors. Ultimately you will have to make the decision on your own. One thing that may help decide if it is “worth” it is to see what type of salary you would expect to have, either staying in the U.S. or coming back to India.

U.S. Salary data for MS degree:

India Salary data for MS degree:

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