MS in USA on H4 VISA


I have H1B valid till Aug2016. I am currently in India. My wife has applied for MS and get has got admission. We applied as international student to get I20 for loan purpose. I might travel to USA soon. My question is can my wife join university with H4 VISA even though she has been marked as international student with I20 issued. Also, as my visa expires soon, my company will apply for extension. So my question is can she join the course with receipt notice of visa extension filled.

To answer your question, Yes ! your wife can join university while on H4. But don’t expect education loan from local banks here. you might bale to get personal loan but after spending a year or two and that too depends on number of factors.

plus you have to consider your job location and her university location. find universities in the local area where your job is located and check out their admission criteria for the course your wife is interested in.

even if your visa expires your status should be valid. and when you file for extension you get automatic 240 days extension to keep your status legal until your extension is processed.

generally all H1b extension are processed within a month unless you get a RFE. In that case expect delay but you will have 240 days extension to cover it.