ms in usa for civil engineering & related courses

Dear sir,

I have completed my civil engineering in 2012 June, I have Been preparing for civil services since then and lost an year, now I want to pursue a course in masters for civil engineering &related courses ,so can you please provide information about what colleges can I apply, how much score should I get in the gre & TOEFL.

I have asked one of my seniors for taking ms in structural engineering he said it was tough and may take a longer time to complete.

So I kindly request you to look into my query.

Unfortunately, we do not advise on schools. You need to first decide on your goal. Read these articles

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Education in USA can be very challenging based on the school and program you choose, be wise on choosing schools. Do proper research on the internet.  It is not impossible, you need to have the right mindset and put in extra work to keep moving ahead in MS....