MS in US is worth after 4 years of exp in IT?

Here is my profile -

10th - 79%

12 th - 87%

B.E. in CS - 73%

4 yrs of IT exp

Could you tell me is it worth for me to go for MS in US ( am looking from the job prospective)…Also, plz suggest will my work exp will carry any weightage for admission?

Hi Wilson.

If you are looking for Job Oppurtunity, even now you are eligible to find out a job in US. It is not necessary that you need to study MS to find a job. MS may give you more oppurtunies . Work exp does not carry much weightage.

To add more, pursuing MS as a door opener for job in US is not the best idea. A better way would be to work in one of the MNCs and grab the opportunity to work in US with their visa sponsorship.

Wilson, I would say Experience matters. You will easily get internship and job when u pass out as you have 4 yrs of IT exp and it carries lot of weightage. Good luck to u.