Ms in Us and financial aid

My name is Sankalp and I completed my B.Tech Electrical from VJTI Mumbai. I have two three queries in mind which I want to clear.
I planned for MS im my last year of graduation but due to poor financial condition I postponed this plan for nxt 2 yr n decided to go for Job which i got in campus placement. I thought ill manage to save some money and in industry ill get technical exposure in my core fields which will help me chosing my courses for masters according to my liking in Job project BUT nothing is happening like that my job profile is nowhere related to electrical and I am not getting any projects related to it. Its more of supply chain management which I dont like at all.
Now this is very ambiguous situation for me that how should I select my course coz m still not aware about liking area.
Also my financial condition is not that stable n my dad is going to retire in 2018. I dont how m i going to manage my ms financially.
Please help!!

  1. You can always switch your course subjects once you take few basic courses in the first semester. You will get an idea after that.

  2. If you have a high GRE score, good BTech score with a research background; you can apply request for graduate assistantship (GA) or graduate research assistantship (GRA), you can apply for them as you apply for admission.

To start with, research the faculty profile in the university website. If your research background or interest matches any of the research projects that the professor is working on, please contact the professor and express your interest on working with him. Your resume and educational background should also support that your interest is true. If the professor likes your profile, they may give you an admission with your course fees covered and a monthly stipend (or something similar).