MS in US after B.E. Computer + 2 years experience in software testing field..

Hi guys,

My profile :-

10th = 58% - Maharashtra board.

Diploma in IT = 74% - Maharashtra board.

B.E. Computer = 60% - Pune University.

I have 2 years gap during my education due to some medical issue.

And currently I am working in IT company as a Quality Analyst ( Software Test Engineer ) - 2 Years experience.

I am very strong in my technical domain.

My questions are,

  1. Can i get admission in top 10 University if I get 320+ score in GRE and 100+ score in TOEFL?

Will my academic records become problematic for my admission and scholarship??

  1. And after MS I want to continue my career in Testing / quality management field / software security so which course should I choose? and jobs availability and payscales for the same.

Name of universities who offers that course.

One more thins is,

I am going to marry soon, so can i take my wife with me in US? ( Spouse visa )

If yes then tell me avg. total cost of living for both.

please answer my questions.

Thanks in Advance. :slight_smile:

I am planning to get admission in Fall 2015.

Please help me out.

Thanks guys.

  1. Well, admission is decided on many factors, not just scores and percentage. It is a holistic decision. We do not advise on schools here.

  2. You can continue what you are doing, there is nothing stoping you from.

Higher education is a big decision as you will spend time and money. You need to be clear on your goals. If you are going to be doing the same job, what value does your Masters add ?

Do you have a plan ?

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Your goal for higher education should be driven by passion. With the current situation of work visa in USA, you need to prepared to come back to India, if you happen to be unlucky…pursuing higher education with an end goal of working in USA, rather than passion could be tricky…be clear on your goals and puruse your passion.

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Thanks sir.
Yes sir I have a simple plan.

  1. 2 years job experience + MS degree + 4-5 years job in US, then if I’ll get chance then settle down there otherwise come back to India.
    I know sir there is nothing to stop me from doing what I am currently doing, but Sir MS in my passion since my childhood. And I want to settle down in US, this is my big dream.
    But practically, doing MS is very costly, so there is risk.
    That’s why I asked that If I score best in GRE ( 320+) and TOEFL (105+) then can I get admission in top 10 universities like UCLA, UC-Barkeley etc.?
    Please guide me, I am very eager to do MS but only from Top 10 universities.
    Thanks for your guidance Sir.