MS in US after 7 years of work experience

Hi,I am working for a public sector unit in Telecommunications in India for the past 5 years following an experience of 2 years in a private telecom company in India.I have only a % of 57 in my Btech (completed in 2006) and i feel like transforming my career by doing my MS in US .Is the idea too late to be realized?

Not at all. Its never too late. I have seen people with 50+ age doing MS. Its not like India

Do a cost benefit analysis -

  1. Give GRE

  2. Give TOEFL

  3. Based on the scores go to the websites and choose Universities that offer your program

  4. Based on the fees apply ( see timings for Fall and spring)

  5. Talk to seniors and see if the university is good enough and also do research on Web

Chose good universities/Get GRE score/Give TOEFL

Hi, I am also in a similar position. Will there be nay problem with VISA issuing?
Will the vis officer think that you are planning to move to US and dont issue the visa?
I see most of the F1 visa’s are issued for students who just completed graduation?