MS in US after 6 yrs Work Experience

I read ur article on Study on USA and surely u all doin gr8 job helping out aspirants.kudoos to u all…

I have 6 yrs of experience now 3yrs 9 months in Ieading IT companys and remaining 2 yrs as a bank probationary officer in a nationalised bank.I plan for MS in computer science in US.My career in short so tht u can assess my case well.

Btech - 7.99 CGPA

12th- 66.4%

10th- 76%

I enjoyed working in IT company.I joined a nationalised bank thinkin life ll b better in a govt job but I really dont like the kind of work pofile here.I was a good performer at my IT job and I have lot of interest and m very good at computer subjects.

Please advise

  1. whether its too late to do MS in USA.

2)Will my previous Work Exp add value while looking for job after MS.

3)Do US universities have in-campus placements like here in Indian Colleges.

Please advise.

Sunil Anand

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Glad it helps.

  1. It is never too late to do MS in USA. I have had classmates who were in their 40s and 50s doing MS

  2. Sure, it will. You would just have to position yourself for that.

  3. Well, not essentially all the time. Top tier schools have tie-ups with fortune 500 companies and they recruit for internships. You would have to work with career services in a univeristy to avail the benefits. You have to be proactive.

Hi Kumar…Thanks a lot for ur reply.God bless u.