MS in Industrial Engineer in USA.

I am currently working in an Indian MNC at entry level. Te job is good, employees are valued very much. But, I feel I fit into bigger and more challenging jobs. I don’t feel good working in this role. Now, I look forward to do MS in Industrial Engineering or an MBA. To pursue MS, I’m interested in scoring my choice by considering one of the important facotrs - Salary or Payscale. Please enlighten on this. Strongly expecting a reply.

Firstly, you need to decide on why you need to MS or MBA in USA. Read these articles

	[Goal for MS in USA - Job or Money ](

	[MS in US for PhD  -Professor ?](

Once you decide your goal and passion, then you can make a decision and work towards it.   Getting higher education just for more money is not the best can do that without getting higher education.

Thank you Kumar, for the reply.
I would like to continue the discussion.
I’m a mechanical engineer from a well reputed university, working in a global automobile based MNC. Be that my background,I am stuck in a dilemma, whether MBA or MS in Industrial Engineering. I see am very good at skills required for MBA, but I am not confident enough about it. Can you please suggest me ways to shape my career.

You can always pickup any skill. Confidence will come from practice and work…dont worry too much about your confidence. Think of what you want to do in life…whats your passion. Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years…Give the Jung test a shot and see :