MS in finace or MIS or MBA in finance

Hello Sir,

I have completed BE in IT but my acads are low. I want to go to USA for Studies but i don’t want to settle there. I want to come back to India . So would it be ok if i go for MBA in USA and come back to India. As i got to know that USA MBA is not accepted in India. And what if i choose MS in finance or MIS. Are the courses good? I would avoid going to the technical field. So is my decision of choosing an MBA finance in USA and returning back to India proper?

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Hi Khushbu,

Any US degree is acceptable in India. The cultural exposure to US is very valuable to Indian employers. MIS on the other hand gives you less advantage than an MBA and MS tends to get more technical. I suggest going for the MBA.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University (


Hello Sir,

Thank you so much for the answer. It has helped me alot.
Thanks alot for the wishes.