MS in Engineering Management Course (MEM) ? Is this engg or mngmt?

hello , i am student pursuing degree from NITB and want to do MS in US in Computer science related field, but i am little bit confuse with course like MEM ,MIS M.engg .
how are they differ from CS , is this be helpfull for me?
what is MEM course , Engineering management .
how it differs from normal major courses.???
how to get through in this course , by GMAT or GRE ???

I do NOT have experience with MS in MEM. My roomie had an MEM. He is in an Engineering Manager, means, there are engineers ( mechanical, electrical) who report to him. It is more of a technical manager role. It is on par with MBA, but focused with Engineers in Mind.

Read this for [MS in Computer Sciences vs. MS in MIS ](

Typically they would accept GRE. You can read [FAQs on MEM at Dartmouth.](  You can research by visiting few schools websites.