MS in computer science or Business analytics?

Hello everybody,

I am a commerce ( graduate and MBA (finance and marketing) with 9 years of IT experience. Experience is related to software design and implementation. I want to pursue further education in the field of computer science or business analytics. I have see on this forum that it is possible for and MBA graudates to pursue MS in computer science or business analytics. However could not find any information of universities or colleges. Can any one of you list out the universities\colleges for the respective courses ( MS - computer science and MS - business analytics).

Would also like to get in touch with similar candidates.

Thank you…!

Yes, it is possible. We do not advise on schools here. Having said that, there is no specific list as such. You can apply to any school that offers MS program in CS or Business Analytics. I suggest you do some reserach on schools and pick a school and then they would have all the list of course structure and requirements.