Ms in Biomedical Engineering, specialisation and univ selection in US

i want to know about the scope of bioinstrumentation and tissue engineering specialisations in biomedical engineering and the best univ offering these courses along with scholarships.

my 10th% is 83,12th% is 85 and my biomedical engineering aggregate is 72%. I have two projects in embedded systems related to bioinstrumentation and currently I doing my research in emg under anesthesia for my finel year project. I am not that good at microcontrller programing because of which i am afraid of bioinstrumentation. Please suggest me the best specialisation for biomedical and univ which siuts my profile and moreover i should get scholarship too plz help me!

I am not from that background, cannot add much. Maybe others can add.

Here is my take on this, best way to check that would be to look at scholarly articles published in that area and see the professors who published them and pick such schools. It is not the straight forward way, but will give you some place to start. You can search for the scholarly journals and see where the resarch is going with that so that you can pick the right choice. Ideally, if you can find someone in that filed and discuss that would be best. Good Luck !