MS after completing MCA

I’m prepering to pursue MS from USA. I completed MCA in 2013 and have more than 2 years experience in IT sector, my undergraduate was BCA.
BCA aggregate 62%

MCA aggregate 68%
My question is, when applying for MS do I need to provide both my undergraduate and graduate marksheets or only the latest would suffice? I ask this
Any help is appreciated.


Yes, for most of the decent schools, you will need to provide both BCA and MCA marksheets as transcripts signed by your registrar. But, I am wondering, why do you want to do MCA after MS ? You may be asked this question in US consulate as well, when you go for visa stamping. Take time to think on why you want to MS. Read Goals for MS in USA

Well, to be honest part of my job includes securing company’s infrastructure from security threats (viruses, malware, vulnerabilities and whatnot). Since MCA is a general degree with no specialization, I think MS in cybersecurity field would help me tremendously in my career as I’m aiming for the role of security analyst after MS.
Hope this is valid reason.

One last question I have is, I had a lot of backlogs during BCA and completed my degree in 3.5 years as opposed to 3. How badly will this affect my chances?
I have few certifications in relevant field though and couple of prizes won in tech challenges in college.

Thanks for your input.