Moving to Connecticut USA

Hi please help me out with little understanding about cost of living and expenses while moving to Connecticut.

So I’ll be moving to Hamden or new haven CT soon on H1b. My current gross is $74000. How do you see this salary to live in Hamden/new haven.

Please note that I’ll be moving alone and for first time to US. And my salary is just above the prevailing wages for my SOC code in that area.

Any views/advices will be appreciated.

Just google the cost of living in specific US city and you will find the answer.
Major cost is renting out apartment and if you are alone, you can find a shared accommodation to bring down the cost.
You can either buy used car which may cost 5 to 10k for a modest used car or just lease one which can cost from $250-600/month depending on model plus insurance which may cost $70 to 250 per month as initially you will have no driving record.
Grocery expense for one person can be between $300-500 per month.

List of main expenses
Accommodation + utility ( electric + water + gas)
Car + insurance

Salary deductions from gross salary:
Social security
State tax
Federal tax
Health + dental + vision insurance
Voluntary life + AD insurance

Hope this helps. You can also talk to a colleague working in the US with your employer.