Moving from H1B to H4 EAD without A Break


I’m currently working full time and my visa status is H1B. My husband’s 140 is approved and I’m looking for an option to move to H4 EAD without taking a break in my career. Is there an option to do that?

If I initiate the H4 EAD transfer now, what visa I’ll be in until I receive the H4 EAD?

Can I work in the mean time?

If my husband is applying for H1B visa renewal and it gets delayed, will I be able to work just like him?


I would recommend to work upto your EAD approved. Once it gets approved, then go with EAD.


Do you mean, I can work till my H4 EAD is approved? To transfer from H1B to H4 EAD, I need to apply for H4 first and then apply for EAD, am i right?

You need to file COS from H-1 to H-4. This will be filed in parallel with your EAD application. Until COS is approved, your status will remain H-1 and you can continue working for current employer.

Once COS and EAD are approved, your status will become H-4 and you can work for any employer using the EAD.

Thanks. If we apply for both COS and EAD at the same time, which one is likely to get approved first? Does the order of approval affect current employment?

They will be approved together or EAD will be approved followed by COS. Until your status becomes H-4, EAD makes no sense.

Thanks. What will happen if my H4 comes before EAD? Has it happened ever before?

How long is the H1B to H4 transfer process?

If they were filed together, then they should be approved together. COS may take 2-3 months to process. If EAD is approved later, then you need to stop working once H-4 is approved, and can start working once again when EAD gets approved.