Moving from Canada (PR) to usa on l1A

Hi Folks,
I hold canadian PR and in process of applying citizenship. I also have L1A visa stamped on my indian passport. Can someone help me understand below:-

  1. What will happen to my L1A visa once I get the canadian citizenship? Can I get it move to my canadian passport?
  2. I am planning to move to USA on l1A visa while my canadian citizenship is in process. My employer will file my GC in EB1 category as I qualify for that? Is there any issue that may arise once I get my canadian citizenship?

Your L1 visa will stay as is, no impact. You can carry the old Indian passport with L1 visa stamp and the new canadian passport.

Most probably you will use your Canadian passport to enter the US so you may not even need the L1 visa, just the L1 I-797 approval notice.

No impact to your GC process as the queue is based on country of birth which do not change for you.