Mothers US Visitors visa denied at renewal

My mother’s vistor/tourist visa was denied with 214(b) at the consulate interview. This was her visa renewal. She has had 10 year vistors visa in the past and traveled about 8 times to US on the same. But her visa renewal was refused with 214(b) at the consulate.
Questions asked :

  1. Where is your daughter in US?
  2. Is your other daughter in India? Yes
  3. How long are you planning to stay ? 6 months.
    Visa denied.
  4. My mother is widowed, I have one sibling who is living in India. She was married when she originally got the visa.
  5. She has pension income, owns land & propert but it was not asked at interview.
  6. She has been visiting US regularly, staying 5-6 months each time but she has been promptly going back. We never extended her stay/visa.
  7. We applied for visa renewal about 6 months before her current visa expiry (visa expires in December, she went for interview in May/June. We thought it is good to have it renewed before she travels yet another time. We were not aware then she could have traveled on her existing visa even a day prior to expiry.

She is going again a second time. We are very anxious and stressed. Any tips for us? Anything we could have done differently? Anything we should have thoUght through?

Thanks so much!

What was the reason mentioned in the 214(b) denial notice?

While she did everything legally, Her past history is giving some doubtful impression.

  1. I am not sure about your mother’s marital status (married/widowed/single) at the time of her first visa petition and now. If changed, it may impact.
  2. How many siblings you are all and where each of you(India/US) and what are the professions?(no details are needed, just working in govt/private/business/farmer etc)
  3. Your mother lived for 4 years in the last decade, in USA. Its not forming a tourist outlook than a second home to her Primary India residence. This is not illegal but gives an impression of her frequent interest in residing in USA.

Next time:

  1. Try to present more evidences with more tangible assets for her ties to India.
  2. Understand the reasons for her current rejection and try to mitigate them.

Its my gut feeling that she would get it.

Has she appeared for second interview? My guess is she will get approved with no new reasons required. However all B-1/B-2 visa planned stay questions must be answered with ‘3 months or less’.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar

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Hello, Did you re-apply for your mother’s visa? What is the status? thanks.