Mothers Maiden Name in Birth Certificate

Clarification on Last Name

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have my second daughter born in USA. I am going to apply US passport to her & then OCI Card. I & my wife are in US visa. I like to get clarification on my wife’s last name to be mentioned in OCI application while applying for my daughter’s OCI card.

My wife name before marriage: PP QQ (her father’s first name as her last name)

My wife name after marriage: PP RR (my first name as her last name)

My wife name in her passport: PP RR (since passport taken after marriage)

My wife name in my daughter’s US Birth Certificate: PP QQ (as in US, they mention Mother’s Maiden name- the name before marriage in child’s birth certificate).

My wife name in my daughter’s US passport (yet to apply): PP QQ (as in US passport application, we have to mention the last name at the time of parent’s birth).

What name should I fill for my wife in OCI card application for my new born daughter in US ? “PP RR” or “PP QQ” ?

Could you please clarify ?

Thank You.

You will fill the same name as in your daughter’s US passport because you will have to submit copy of US passport to Indian embassy as a proof for being eligible for the OCI card.