Mother B2 VISA denied with 214(B)

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday there was an interview for my mother and mother in law in half an hour of time difference.

VO approved VISA for my mother in law but rejected for my mother.

The duration for my mother in law was 2 months and for my mother it was 3 months.

My mother in law is a house wife so I have mentioned same as in DS160 and my mother runs our family business with my father and same I have mentioned in DS160.

Another thing is my mother age is 49 years 3 months and mother in law age is 51.

VO asked only 2 questions to my mother

  1. Purpose of Travel
  2. Who stays in US?

I am not sure what made VISA rejection for my mother? Any inputs will be appreciated before applying for second time.

How soon I can apply for my mother again?


Usually, VO looks at the intent and if they will return back. Maybe you have done everything right, but sometimes, visas get rejected for B2 due to various reasons that are not clearly explained. Many rejections happen for single parents as VO doubts their intent. It is always worth another try. Sometimes, visa is given in second and third attempt.

Hi Kumar,

I am applying again B2 VISA for my mother. But while generating the receipt for US VISA fees, it has shown the same CGI reference number on the receipt. Is it normal if we use the same LOGIN ID and password which I used the last time, it generates the same CGI reference number on the payment receipt.

Any inputs will be really appreciated.


Hi Kumar,

My Mother Visa again got rejected 2nd time in Delhi consulate.
Questions asked to her

  1. Purpose of Travel and how long you will stay: To meet son and dil and for 2 months.
  2. How long your son in US? 2 years
  3. Do they have a GC? No( Consulate can see the VISA status, not sure why they asked this question)
  4. How many children you have? 1 daughter in India
  5. Have you ever travel to US before? No, first time
    And they have returned the passport.

I don’t know what to do now at this moment. Could you please advice how long I need to wait to again apply or I shouldn’t apply in this year now?

Do you see any reason not approving it, She mentioned for 2 months of stay, is it a longer tenure?

Please advise


@SUNILM1985, Well, it is very hard, I can imagine…frankly, it is really a black box and we do not know what they look for…As I said, it could be the immigration intent, but you cannot really do much about it… I think 2 months is fine, it is not the reason they rejected. All I can say is, if you can afford, you can give it another try…

Thank you, Kumar. One last question: Her first interview was in March and second interview was in July almost 3 and half months of difference. Now how soon I can apply or should I give 6 months of gap.
The issue is as you said it’s a black box, hard to imagine why? The one thing is both the times she has applied alone, do you think applying as a single is a problem. Or next time I should have both my Mom and Dad apply together?


Actually, it should not matter, but it is worth a try to do it together. There is no estimated timeline as such, you can apply anytime, no need to wait for 6 months…Many of these are just perceptions…
The reason it is a black box is because there is no logic to identifying your immigrant intent and it is more subjective, that’s why they hold the card of interview and deny…

Hi Kumar,

I have got few suggestion to have a letter from state representatives.

Do you think getting a letter from Senator or congressmen will help? The reason is VO never ask any documents except Passport and DS160, so even I get one to prove a genuine case and intent to go back home country, how the letter is going to help if I get one?

Please provide your valuable inputs.


Well, I do not know regarding the letters from Congressmen. You can try, but these letters may not help the Immigrant intent that Visa officer thinks the person has and it cannot be challenged in court too…You can try as you lose nothing…