Mistake in Query under H1 RFE 2013.

Hi i have applied for H1 under regular quota and i have got picked in the lottery recently i got rfe .But in RFE it is mentioned that your h1 is applied under masters cap. so is there any way to cross examine that . Please let me know the reply ASAP I am in real tension.

Employer probably did a mistake on Form I-129. If this was counted against Master’s Cap, you are in trouble.

Hi But my employer applied regular quota just spoke to attorney he said we can qnswer the query sending the copy of I-129 where we have mentioned regular process.Will this works?

Yes. Your attorney can enclose a copy of the filed I-129 to show that it was not filed in AD cap.

Yes, if they have not made an error, no issues. Do you have a copy of the Form I-129?