Mistake in DS 160 - Visa Stamping

I have made a mistake in DS160 in Name of the Employer . I mentioned the name of my HR instead of company name . I did mention the company name in two other places .
I have already submitted my DS160. What are the possibilities to correct this and will this cause any major issue for the interview?

You can create a New DS-160, if you cannot correct it and then give the new DS-160 at the Consulate on the day… It should not cause any issues, you should tell them to use the New DS-160. Call the customer service, if you need clarification.

Thank you Kumar !! A quick question , when you said give the new DS160 , do we need to submit the new DS160 form too? Do we need to update the application ID in the appointment form ?

How can we give them the new form print ? And I tried to call the customer service 17035202239, this isn’t going to helpline