Missing old offer letters in my H1B petetion

Could you please me.

here is my situation. I have a total of 7 yrs of experience in IT and my company filed for my H1B this yr in May. I have all my offer letters and experience letters from my previous employers but not the offer letter from my first employer (I lost the letter). My present company went ahead and filed my petetion with all the supporting docs except the offer letter of my first company. I tried to contact the HR of my first company but the company is now merged with another company and the name is also changed now. There is no way i can get any other things from that company now. will the missing document affect my h1b petition decision or my interview at consulate ?? Please help.

I don’t think it will be an issue.

I have heard that only last 3 years of experience matters. As long as you have evidence of employment for the last 3 years, you wouldn’t have any trouble.