Missed work Experience while filing H1 - Please reply very urgent

Hi All,
My H1B got approved recently and now I am going for the interview in next month.
Actually, In 2015 Capgemini filed my H1 and I have provided my all the experiences and I got RFP, it didn’t approved.
Last year my current company filed H1b and while filling the H1, I didn’t provide my starting company name due to no response from them for any BGC.
Now H1B got approved and going for the stamping. Could you please let me would it create any problem?


Please explain more as the information is not clear enough. What do you mean by BGC? Avoid using acronyms that people might have hard time understanding.

What I mean, My first company is not giving the reply if any one go for the Background verification(BGC), that is why I didn’t provide my first company while filing H1B 2021.
And, In 2016 H1B I have provided my first company but I got REF and the case was not approved.

My worry is next month I am going for the stamping, would create any problem?

The worry and this question is irrelevant at this time as it is after-the-fact. You didn’t mention the past experience in the petition, it got approved and now you are going for stamping. You can’t do anything about this now, right? So just be positive and hopefully your visa will be approved.