missed to add City, State & Zip code

Hi All,

Yesterday only I filled DS 160 for B1 visa, I have also paid fees and got appointment date in July 2016.

However, just now when I was checking printed copy of DS 160, I realised that in the ‘Travel Information’ section, for the question ‘Address where you will stay in the U.S.’ I am able to see only ‘Address line 1’ and I think I have missed to add City, State & Zip code! But the details provided in Address line 1 i.e. ‘1114 N HIGH POINT RD’ are clear enough to unerstand City State & Zip.

Please let me know -

  1. Do I need to retrieve my application to complete my form?
  2. If yes, do I need to cancel previous appointement & take new one?
  3. Do I need to pay the fees again?


Couple of options:

  1. Complete another DS-160 form and carry it’s number w/ you to interview. At the consulate request the person to replace current DS form w/ the updated one.

  2. Go to consulate w/ existing DS form. Then request person verifying your DS form to make those changes for you.

Thanks a ton!!

This means there is no need to cancel and reschedule the meeting, right?

That is correct. You can go ahead w/ current appointment date.