Missed the H1b this year.1 year MBA programs- Help

Hi All,

I just missed the H1b boat by 1 day…:frowning:

I am currently on my L2EAD but wont be able to work anymore eff 1Oct. I am planning studying MBA, in this regard does anyone have an idea if there are any 1 yr MBA pgms and with them can I get a F1 visa and start working without taking any break?



A lot of schools have 1 yr MBA programs and simple search on google will give you a broader list. But it would take some effort on your part to narrow down to the appropriate schools - Pagalguy.com might be a handy resource.

Not to disappoint you but June might be too late in the cycle to look for fall admissions since most MBA programs start by July or Aug end. Also I am not sure if any of those schools will let your work on CPT right from your first quarter,usually your are not elgible for a paid internship untill you complete one academic year(1 acedemic year = 9 months)

Good Luck