Missed out on filling destination city and state

I have Missed out on filling the destination city and state in DS160 form…i dont know how this happened as i had reviewed the document some 2 times before sending…i have sent my documents for PA scheduling to my company’s visa cell though…what kind of problems can this pose ? will the visa be rejected or something ? Is there anyway that this error can be rectified ? Please let me know as soon as possible.

Ask your company’s visa cell if they have already scheduled the interview. If they haven’t, then create another DS form and send it to them. Until the interview is scheduled, you can complete as many DS forms as you want.

If its too late, then also it shouldn’t be a big issue.

No i don’t think they have scheduled the PA because my manager had told me that i would get the PA only after 15th november…but even then i will ask them…and if its really 2oo late then hope it won’t land me a pink slip later…thanks for answering…really appreciate it

If the interview has not been scheduled, you can complete another DS-160 form and then give it your immigration team.