Missed my original certs in usps


Ed perspective evaluation centre has mailed my original documents to my home address and there is no tracking number, they mailed me 25 days back and still I dint received my originals, I have contacted usps and they told there are no parcels for delivery to my home address, is there any way to find my certificates parcel.


You need to ask the evaluation center, how they have mailed and work with them, if there is any trace or details…maybe, there is some info with them regarding USPS slip or something…


There is no luck with both sides, tried with evaluation centre, they told me that they are not having any tracking number


Well, I wish they had something… Anyways, just wait for couple more weeks and then plan for alternatives like getting the duplicates of originals…


Acha , I have waited like more than 3 weeks and still I haven’t received ant