Mismatch of salary in ds160 and new lca interview scheduled after2 days


My Husband filled ds160 as per old lca and now our interview is scheduled after 2 days. New LCA is received now in which salary is slightly higher, his employer suggested him to re fill new ds 160 and carry both at the time of interview …so plz suggest will this create any problem in our stamping or not …

We are really confused and secondly do he need to re fill ds 160 for me too for h4?


URGENT reply will be really helpful

I think there is now a possibility to edit the submitted DS-160 form. I don’t know the exact process but you can search for it online. If he is unable to correct it, then he can carry the old DS form and let the consulate officer know about the discrepancy. The interview has been scheduled against the old DS form and needs to be carried in either scenarios.

No new DS-160 needs to be filed for you.

Thanks Saurabh…however when we checked last filled ds160 found that salary mentioned was in months not annual and in new LCA it is given as annual…so we didn’t filled new ds 160…now only waiting for the interview .