Mismatch in the order of name in H1B petition compared to passport


US H1B Visa petition is being processed for me and the present USCIS H1B status is “Request for Evidence ". RFE is for requesting additional information.
Well, I have a problem and that is mismatch in the order of name in petition compared to passport.

Petition name present in Work permit for USA - Sankar Venkata Naga Siva Whereas name in my passport, it is, Given Names – Venkata Naga Siva Sankar
(Surname is correct in both passport and petition)
==> It was a mistake from my side while filling the data.
One of my colleague has recently told me that the name difference in US petition and Passport may cause a problem during stamping.
Now, i wanted to correct the name in petition as per my passport. Is it possible to change the petition name while submitting documents for RFE.
Kindly direct me with appropriate measures which ought to be taken in order to have this corrected.
Thanks for your time and suggestions.