MIS for FALL 2017. Need help.

Profile : GRE 306, TOEFL 93 (previous score was 90), Engineering : 58%, work exp : 3 years

Background : I applied to Fall 2016 and got rejected by all universitier. Counsellor ( bloody cons ) told me my backlogs could be a reason. The thing is my marksheets are inconsitent. I had a lot of backlogs but I cleared all of them in 4 years. So my marksheets are like, 1sem getting cleared after 2nd sem and so on and nothing mentioned about backlogs on them. This was what told to me by my con seller.

I have seen people making into good universities despite having low profiles and I think that should not be the case.

Now : I applied to MS in CS last time but now I my mind changed to MIS.

Can anyone tell me how should I get started with all over again?

I know all the things about documents but relied for universities shortlisting on counsellors.


Well, you are right, I know people with about 15 backlogs making it through visa interviews…For lack of better word, I can say they are quite lucky. Things have changed and Visa officers look at various aspects. I am not sure how the VO will look at your application with the change. Unless you have a strong reason and you can explain the same to VO, it may not be the best idea. The simple reason is that the VO can look at it as you are trying to change degree to get around the first time rejection… All I can tell you is to keep trying and have a good answer for your backlogs situation and convince VO that you are passionate and would like to go further in career with higher education… Good Luck !