Minimum visa validity required to travel to USA


My H1B visa is stamped up to 15 sep 2015.My wife and son have H4 visa valid is valid up to the same date.They are planning to come to USA.How many days visa validity required to enter USA?Please answer immediately.

Thanks for the reply in advance.


I don’t think so there is a rule for this on H1B dependent. In any case, your passport must be valid on your entry into the U.S. Your family can enter U.S as long as they have a valid H4 visa stamped in their passport and the primary H1B holder’s I-797 approval notice is valid and carry it with your family. Usually, the I-94 will be issued till the primary H1B holder’s I-797 expiry date. However, there are cases where the officer issued the I-94 only the visa expiry dates (whichever occurs first). In that case, you need to have enough time to file the H4 extension.