Minimum gap between two visits on B2 (Parents)


I am on H1 and my mother has been with me for 5 months on visit (on B2) and will be leaving back to india in few days. How early can I call her back again to US without any problems at POE (Port of entry)

Note: My father expired many years ago and my mother has to live alone in india as my brother is also presently in US on H1, if it was possible I would have wanted her to stay with me for longer than 6 months and feel real guilty for letting her go and live alone in india :expressionless:

Any help from experience much appreciated.

Rule of thumb is that she should not stay more than 6 months in a rolling 12 month period. So I would suggest wait for maybe a year before she returns to US.

Thanks for the reply, But she has a genuine reason, her only 2 son are in US, so cant she come back early, as she cant live alone in india?

I can understand the concern, but exceptions are not granted for any such reasons.

The counter argument a PoE officer may give is that if she is dependent on 2 children, then can’t one or both live with her in home country.