Minimum gap between OFC and CA interviews for Blanket L1

Hi, I have scheduled my OFC interview at 8am and the CA interview at 1130 am on the same day. Of course, this scheduling was allowed by the website, but then I read somewhere that there should a at least a day’s gap between the two interviews. I am a first timer and am freaking out now. Is this requirement of having at least a day’s gap between the interviews for Blanket L1 correct? If so what should I do now?

Q.2 May I schedule my Visa Application Center appointment on the same day as my visa interview appointment?

You must schedule your Visa Application Centre appointment at least one day before the visa interview appointment date at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. For L1 Blanket visa applicant may schedule Visa Application Centre and Consulate appointment on the same day.

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