Middle of 2nd master Degree (F1 visa), H1b (COS) approved BUT want to continue F1, WHATS Possible ways to do?

Need Urgent Help, please advise.

My situation

Came in the USA as F1 student, Jan-2012Completed STEM master’s degree from a reputed university in Aug-2013.Started working on OPT from September-2013.Applied for h1b by employer, picked in lottery APR-2016Got 1ST RFE on H1b application, Aug-2016OPT ended on September-2016.Started Second Master Degree Management in reputed university September-20161ST RFE (H1b)replied by employer Nov-2016Received 2nd RFE on H1b petition, Jan-20172nd RFE (H1b)replied by employer Jan-2017H1b application approved FEB-2017Now, the confusing part is, I want to continue my second master degree as a full-time student on F1 since I am in already in the second semester. But according to my friends since my H1b (COS) approved, my visa status changed from F1 to H1.

What’s option available to continue as F1?

Is there any process can help F1–>H1b–>F1; since I am in middle of the semester, don’t want to leave the country, right now.