Medical & Travel insurance for visiting parents


My parents are travelling to US in the next month and i am looking for options to take insurance for the same. I have couple of questions, hope someone can help me?

I am planning to take comprehensive insurance policy considering the age of parents.

a) Will my travel and medical policy will be different or both can be in one policy?

b) which insurance company you would suggest for both if it is different policies which need to be taken?

Please suggest.


This may not be the best answer, but just sharing my experience w/ you.

If you are booking tickets through CC, then at times CC company provides travel insurance. You can check that.

At times, medical insurance policy includes both health and travel insurance in the same policy. The premium may be a little higher than just health insurance. Most of the insurance policies do not cover any pre-existing medical conditions (mentioning this as you used phrase ‘considering the age of parents’).

Visitors medical insurance is often advertised, but don’t know the feedback.

Thanks Saurabh.

I narrowed it down to Comprehensive plans and to be taken in US. while comparing to buying in India and here ; i find a lot of difference is coverage and easiness in case of emergency.

Travel insurance and medical insurance are separate products but some companies offer them together. First, try and see if the trip cancellation, baggage loss can be covered under a credit card company or purchase a refundable ticket with minimum cancellation fees. Second, if you do decide to purchase a trip cancellation plan make sure you understand the covered reasons for cancellation. Also, most plans only cover trips less than 30 days. Medical insurance is definitely a good idea and one that is highly recommended. A comprehensive policy is a good bet. If your parents are below 70 some plans can cover pre-existing conditions. Call an agent to discuss your options.

Hi, please could you advise me which comprehensive plan you got for your parents. My parents have history of heart disease.